Say Hello to Sony’s New Wireless and Noise Cancelling Headphones: MDR-RF865RK and MDR-NC13

Today, Sony announced two new models of headphones that will allow you to enjoy your music wherever, whenever, and however you want to starting April 2011. The newest members of the Sony family are:

  • MDR-RF865RK – a wireless headphone system that allows for a 100m range and comes with a stylish recharging dock
  • MDR-NC13 – these are noise-cancelling in-ear headphones that come with a 100hour battery life

Want wireless transmission anywhere in the house? Enter the MDR-RF865RK

These new wireless headphones from Sony have a transmission range of up to 100m. This will allow you to wirelessly listen to your music anywhere in the house and not worry about interference.

Because they’re light and comfortable, you’ll be able to watch TV, listen to music or even play video games without disturbing anyone around, including the neighbors! Oh, and the best part: no extra wires!

The 40mm driver units inside give you that smooth, rich, immersive sound with that deep bass response you know you love.

The elegant charging dock is the perfect bed for the MDR-RF865RK. It recharges the headphones in just 3.5 hours and automatically turns the MDR-RF865RK off to save power. When fully charged these Sony headphones, will let you enjoy a generous 25 hours of uninterrupted high-quality audio.

For the full specs, price, and availability, head over to Amazon.

Reduce ambient noise by 87.4% with the MDR-NC13 noise cancelling headphones

These noise cancelling headphones were carefully designed to reduce ambient noise by around 87.4%, removing a lot of unnecessary background distractions.

Ideal for music-loving travellers, the MDR-NC13 delivers superb sound quality, with unspoiled, crystal-clear sound.

These comfortable headphones also offer 100hours of battery life.

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